Beans on Toast Tutorial

Beans on Toast Tutorial

stop motion animation showing how to make beans on toast

for product design this week i was tasked with creating a set of instructions on how to make beans on toast for some one who has never made it before, as an added detail these instructions had to be made in the learning style of myself so i took an online test to find out these are the results.

from these results i decided to make a stop frame animation within around thirty seconds.

here is what i did; i opened the warbourtons loaf of bread (medium although doorstop bread is thicker and absorbs the bean juice a lot better) i put the bread on the tray and under a preheated grill the grill was heated for 2 minutes before the bread was under. next the beans i opened a can of Heinz beans (because there is no substitute for Heinz beans) the next step is to get a small pot and a knob of butter, now you can turn the hob on the cooker to number four are the large hob wait for two minutes and check the toast if it is lightly browned turn over if not then place back under the grill, now stir the beans if you wish to add seasoning do it now so it has time to infuse with the sauce personally i put a small squirt of barbeque sauce in. if you haven’t already now is the time to flip your toast and place back under the grill and keep stiring the beans wait two minutes the and the toast should be ready lightly browned/ golden on both sides pull out and apply a small amount of butter to each slice of bread wait a few seconds for the butter to melt into the toast then cut how ever you want like like small squares and large triangles but it doesn’t even need to be cut  once you are satisfied with the aesthetics of the toast turn the heat off on both the grill and hob and cover the toast with the beans and use a knife and folk to eat, you may want to leave it a minute to cool. Remember Heinz means beans


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