Positive Negative
Internal   factors – personal attributes Strengths:

  • I can think of innovative solutions to problem although they may not be practical
  • I am skilled at computer modelling.
  • I can work well within and out of a group

  • i do not invest a lot of time in sketching therefore they suffer
  • my hand modeling skills are not quite up to standard
External   factors – environmental attributes Opportunities:

  • i have the available facilities to improve in the University.

  • Personal hobbies may be a distraction for me.

Action Plan   – what you intend to do

Strengths I believe my computer work to be stronger than my sketching so devoting more time to sketching will help.
Weaknesses My sketching skills need to be greatly improved i can do this by practicing tricks to help.
Opportunities any chance of developing my skills I take for example I practice the skill i learn in Craig’s lessons in my own time
Threats Being distracted by out side influences and leaving work till the last week.

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