20 Things I do whilst rendering on Solidworks

Here is a list of things i like to do whilst i wait for CAD renderings to be complete;

1. stare at the screen for five minutes.

2. check facebook.

3. check emails.

4. read some course books

5. look at workstation pc’s on the internet and wish i had one

6. take a nap (i have earnt it)

7. clean my room/work environment 

8. check the time remaining 

9. youtube (a proven way to speed up time)

10. try ignore my computer for a couple of hours 

11. watch a film

12. watch an entire season of The Office US

13. if its getting this long then i may even check the news

14. ring my parents 

15. cook dinner 

16. advance a few levels in angry birds

17. help my house mates remove the weeds in the garden 

18. browse Ebay for stuff i don’t need 

19. write THIS blog post 

20. re-sketching (completely changing my idea rendering the render useless)

If you have any more suggestions for things I could do whilst I render please share I’m running out of ideas…